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Greetings, we are still working in Bacus Studio son our next game, meanwhile i am working on Lore, to make the Universe a lot richer.

As you might expect you can get stuck from time to time, especially when working with believable alien races. One of such things that can be tricky would be of the idea of humanity. This idea basically considers that some certain traits are similar for all entities with capability of advance thought (such as tool creation, mathematics, philosophy, and much more). This traits would be consider that intelligent beings should be consider equals and so forth.

This in turn, whether all races or some share this concept or not, it is on itself really tricky, firstly because of the fact that humanity derives from the concept of Human, therefore is attached to one race, and we can certainly not allow that.

This is where the community steps in!

We are looking for ways of calling the idea of humanity, and we think that our readers might have great ideas. We created the term thinkbeing but it does not quite fit.

The main necessity for this word would be to fit in circumstances such as the following:

You cannot go killing the last Exiled! That’s inhuman. Where is your humanity?”

Please leave a comment below.

Thank you for reading.

Ignacio Baldini

Greetings everyone!

I wanted to announce a few things in order to give you guys more information on our progress. First of, we opened a webpage at at present time the page has a few stuff, but it’s mostly barren, the idea is that in the next few weeks we will be updating it with more information, such as features of the game, videos, and so forth. Be sure to check in once a week.

Secondly, Unit Monday. Unit Monday replaced our old fashioned work with the “final versions of the units” that populated our deviant art webpage. Main idea for the change was to focus more on the game and a little less on taking huge chunks of time on the unit showcase. In order to counter that, we are using concept art to show the units, and a blog post to describe them. They are always posted on Mondays in our own blog:

Finally, we are working on the game itself, we are soon to achieve Alfa status, in which we may need some tryouts. Therefore I recommend you check our Twitter

Once again thank you for your time!

Ignacio Baldini

I am sad and happy to announce the following. Due to priorities mixing we are not going to continue with the publishing of new images of the units we were doing so far. This decision was made in order to prioritize the game itself.

We are allocating the resources that meant the cool images from the units into the game itself.

Nevertheless, we will keep posting cool stuff, not as detailed as we are used to but we will still try to publish cool images.

Captains Log: Joreq “Xen” of Tiss Date: 20, on the Fourth Clios of Ger Ul of the year 41

I must admit. It is mesmerizing to see the amount of gathered ships. There must be thousands upon thousands of proud Resenean warriors, The Drone does not stand a chance.

We have gathered on the very edge of the solar system. Meanwhile, the "Venerable Leus" was sent on a recon mission again. Their priority is to scan whether the Drone has spotted our presence, we could do it from further away, but there is an anomaly. Tons of radioing signals are emanating from the same spot the Drone is. Our tacticians believe is a strategy from the Drone used to conceal from detection, nevertheless, we have our target in sight.

From what I have heard, once we get confirmation of the presence, we shall engage and eliminate.

What odds would a Drone have against the might of the Fifth Vanguard?

Captains Log: Joreq “Xen” of Tiss Date: 01, on the First Clios of Ger Ul of the year 41

A few hours ago I was informed that the triangulation of the signal paid off. We have managed to detect the Drone on a Solar system within the wasteland.

I have already contacted Admiral Gentes Des’tel. His instructions were clear: to mobilize the fleet at a rendezvous which was pre-established. Once the fleet is fully mobilized we will scout the planet again with the Scan ships.

And the timing could not be better. Sitting idly on space is not good for the mind, my marines are restless, they are grounders, and they don’t enjoy to be “canned”.

Nevertheless, I have set course to the rendezvous I expect to reach it shortly.

Captains Log: Joreq “Xen” of Tiss Date: 27, on the Fifth Clios of Ger of the year 41

We have arrived. What a desolate place, no wonder it’s called “wasteland”.

Vice-Captain Feextil announced that the Scan ship “Venerable Leus” began scanning two cycles ago. According to our mission briefing we are to set a triangulation within an area of space, in which somehow the Venerable Leus should find a faint signal produced by the Drones.

 At to the moment we have no news.

The men are getting restless, patience is sometimes a virtue few follow and cherish. Sometimes I wish more people would make a Glorial out of it.

Tomorrow I shall instruct a drill, I don’t want this boredom to set on my vessel.

Captains Log: Joreq “Xen” of Tiss Date: 14, on the second Clios of Ger

The Locknee is a proud vessel; I have always thought that the Glorial of this ship is nothing but something out of stories. Now I command the proud destroyer, skimming thru this dark void which is space. The romanticism is beyond telling.

I still recall one of my first assignments, the patrol over a newly deployed ring, poorly manned, and with power outages, the area was writhing with pirates. This is where the hail for help came, the civilian transport, a Burr Class, of Licenian origin was about to be boarded. I still recall the name: Druum

When we first warped in the situation was grim. Pods where all over the Druum, a Pirate vessel was disabling the engines while sending more pods. It was a refurbished passenger cruiser, still, a lot bigger than the Locknee.

From the bays came pouring drones, and the bad kind of drones, the suicidal type. We manned the stations and rushed into position as near as the cruiser as possible. With most of the drone shot down, we managed to get to melee range of 2 clicks, first things first, take out the com from the cruiser, we did not need any more pirate now, did we?

Baffled by the destruction of the comms, the pirates showed new resolve, they uncovered four main batteries on the main deck. A sight which was not conforting. Destroyers are ships design to engage in close quarters, even against battle cruisers, but the pirates had built some mean weaponry. The cannons were retrofitted with the idea of drawing fire I decided that attacking those weapons would be a no go. On the other hand the lower decks, they still had civilian grade plating. With a few salvos the ships had new airlocks.

The pirate vessel was disabled, just a hunk of scrap metal floating around, while the Druum was still resisting the invaders. We manage an approach vector to the trade ship, latched on to one of the main airlocks and went it, guns blazing. A total of 16 pirates were killed, we captured 3 and the surviving crew of the cruiser.

Those solo days where long gone. With the advent of the Drone Act, we where grouped together hunting the Drones sent by the Gerves Delau. We were under the command of Admiral Des’Tel, a proud warrior, and a flawless strategist.

In a few days I should be escorting one of our scan vessels to one solar system within the wasteland to check for signals.

It should be boring.

The Taugar are the “old” civilization of the Scutum Centaurus stream. They started the space exploration era of their sector by the invention of the FTL drive known as the Warp Drive, this drive allowed travel speeds up to 35 times the speed of light. Peaceful in their nature, they explored the nearby space in which new intelligent life-forms where found, trade was established and soon after a massive space station was created, this station was the hot-spot for politics between the races of the sector.

While not everything worked out perfectly, the sector was mostly at peace, some of the races where engaged in conflict, but most of them where more engaged in a peaceful coexistence.

Genetic modification is a natural thing to all societies, it is even rare to see an individual with no alterations, these alterations though, are very small, they are developed in order to avoid disease, and to increase muscle and brain power, increase lifespans, and as well youthful life styles.

Within the Taugar, one movement began. A complete rework and tinker of the genes was being called for. The Taugars, mostly conservatives saw this with suspiciousness. Sometime later one of the most profound believers of this cause was shot while giving a speech at the Taugarian parliament, soon after the followers went underground. The splinter cells began to amass lab equipment to start their projects of heavy genetic modification, thus began experimentation, coupled with terrorist attacks to the Taugar central government.

A mild civil war was on the works.

Thanks to extreme espionage and communication analysis, the Gerves Delau station –which housed the main supporters and scientists of the cause-, was found. A full blown assault was executed, cutting the snake heads off. When every leader was cut down, a dead-man switch was activated,its response was to launch thousands of Drones. These Drones where design to settle worlds and to create the most advance and sophisticated biological entities with no evolution or ethics to block them.

After realizing their purpose, the galactic community established some laws, in which every single military power was tasked to destroy every Drone ever spotted and its products.

Admiral Gentes Des’Tel was tasked with the entire fifth fleet, of the Resenean Vanguard. He was responsible for destroying various fleeing Drones, and detecting others. He was the man for the job.

After setting different outposts, they found, with great alarm that one Drone had indeed settled in a planet, albeit for how long was unknown.

Warping to the planet in discussion the Admiral saw in disbelief, a whole civilization was already there. Dreading this where the products of the Drone, the bombardment came with no hesitation. On the planetside millions perished, beyond the fact of the utter massacre the inhabitants where clueless why an Alien fleet would attack them with no warning.

While cities burned the ground snapped open, and thousands of unfathomable beings started to pour out, attacking the poor clueless civilians of the Khareni civilization.

Finally spotting the Drone, the Admiral performed another orbital bombardment to where it was, destroying it utterly. But before the smoke even cleared the area, a blast came from the planet surface, a gravitonic blast.

With sudden changed in the gravity fields, the ships from the fifth started crashing each other, sending the whole fleet into disarray and destruction. Most of the ships were torn apart, and some even crashed into the planet, but most of them no longer deemed space worthy now float on the planets gravity well. With the Admiral dead, most of the survivors are now stranded on the planet.

To make matters worse, the planet’s orbit decayed to a point in which it’s heading towards the sun. The magnetosphere is in disarray causing problems to anything that tries to fly out without proper shielding.

With time running out, five distinct factions have risen from the ashes of war, each one splintered from the rest, each looking for a way out:

The Purgers, lacking a central command, they have fragmented into survival units, tightly clustered and only a few thousands each.

The Exiled, with no Drone, and no guidance, have new emerging leaders. They have risen up to keep their fleeting civilization safe, even if it costs them their life and some of their own people.

The Technocrat, the once underdogs of the Khareni society, these scientists now believe they are in power for destroying the invading fleet, but of course, not taking responsibility for the failing orbit of the planet.

The Arm, The hardcore military of the Khareni, they failed to defend their civilization, and they were shunned because of it, now they will make everyone repent for it.

And the Traditionalists, the remaining clusters of the central government struggling to keep the disarrayed society together, personalism is more important that survival.

Here is a little input.

The Arm faction represents the military faction of one civilization, the Khareni. This hardened veterans took a heavy blow when they could not take on the fleet that was bombarding the planet, and to make it worse, some crazy Scientists beat that fleet with one shot.

The military was shunned by their own. Filled with rage, some of the high generals, and a lot of the total remaining army took off, and started their own faction.

While doing so they uncovered banned projects, one being the R.A.G.E. (Resurrection, Animation, Gestation, and Extraction of the consciousness of a being) project. With this project they started recovery consciousness of fallen brethren to create an army, and not just any army, but one with the firepower of mechanical beings and the mental capacity and flexibility of a biological one. This is how most of the troops from the arm came to be. A mixture with training/multiple experience and raw power.
It is not easy to be an indie company, we can tell you as much. But tiny things you do, turn out to be awesome achievements.

We have been working on our webpage for a while, and we finally have it working. Granted, it needs some tweaking, therefore, we may consider this as a "beta".

Thank for reading.

We are truly proud to present the concepts of the last playable faction, The Arm. These robotic beings where not always so. They used to be alive, but necessity turned them into robotic killing machines.

This way there is no remorse, no morality, only the death of those who oppose them.

Hope you enjoy!
We are truly proud to present the concepts of the last playable faction, The Arm. These robotic beings where not always so. They used to be alive, but necessity turned them into robotic killing machines.

This way there is no remorse, no morality, only the death of those who oppose them.

Hope you enjoy!
Almost the full unit roster from the Technocrat is now on display, almost that is, because we are lacking the Project Retribution. A very kinky artillery.

Hope you enjoy our new update!
The units we revealed a little time ago, which included the awesome looking Mech, Bulwark, and so on, are part of yet another faction for our game. This faction is the Traditionalists.

When the final version of all units is revealed we will show you a little bit more insight of the lore from each faction.

Yes, we have finally revealed all the Exiled faction, of course some of the units are still in "concept" stage, but the final versions will suffer little changes. Please feel free to show us your ideas!
The final version of two units are really near, so expect to see, not only those two units, but the whole concept art for 2 more factions, and 2 "final-version" units from each faction, such as the Hassasin, which we already added to Deviant Art. Feel free to ask questions and to inquire us on whatever you guys would like to know.
Thank you for reading.